Jill Solin  has been teaching yoga for over 10 years in New York City. Jill’s classes include;  adult group and private, children, mommy and me, and yoga for golfers.  Her classes are always tailored to the individual’s needs and level-  combining a series of vinyasa poses with meditation and breathing.

Jill is a certified yoga instructor by the National Yoga Alliance.  She is also certified in kids yoga, and yoga for golfers.  In addition to her regular practice, Jill has attended various ongoing trainings, and retreats.  Jill’s sessions focus on breathing and meditation; as well as a well rounded physical and cardio workout.  Yoga means the union between the mind and body.   The mind and the body are connected, and should be worked out as one.  The combination of pranayama (breath), and asanas (poses) in a flowing sequence will tone, strengthen, and stimulate your body and mind!